Apprenticeships: the demise continues

The latest official figures on quarterly apprenticeship starts (August to October 2017) may be disappointing reading for government, in view of David Cameron’s 2016 General Election promise to create an additional three million by  2020, but as posts on this site have emphasized, apprenticeships have never benefited many young people, never provided an alternative pathway to … Continue reading Apprenticeships: the demise continues

Apprenticeship troubles continue

It’s nine months since the introduction of an employer’s levy – designed to raise an additional £3 million for the apprenticeships programme and help government reach its total of 3 million more apprenticeship starts by 2020. But the apprenticeship levy only applies to large employers with a wage bill of more than £3 million (approximately … Continue reading Apprenticeship troubles continue

New apprenticeship figures, but a similar story

 ‘Our goal is for young people to see apprenticeships as a high quality and prestigious path to successful careers’        Foreword to English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision   HM Government Dec 2015   Latest statistics for apprenticeship starts continue to provide a rather different picture to that pained by government ministers. It’s true that there have … Continue reading New apprenticeship figures, but a similar story

Apprenticeships : many more applications than vacancies

Recent Department for Education statistics show that the number of apprenticeship applications far outstrip the number of apprenticeship vacancies. For example, between Aug 2015/16 there were a total of 1,656,680 applications for 211,380 vacancies a ratio of about 8 to 1 – about half of these were from 17-18 year olds. Three quarters of vacancies … Continue reading Apprenticeships : many more applications than vacancies

Still a ‘Great Training Robbery’

Updated and revised. This 'final' version covers developments since the 2015 General Election - like the employer levy, The Post-16 Plan, the Institute of Apprenticeships, the further development of the Trailblazers.  Despite these  however, provisional figures for 2015/2016 continue show that apprenticeships continue to be mostly 'low skilled and dead end' and for most young … Continue reading Still a ‘Great Training Robbery’

Welcome to the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education!

 She might have ditched the Cameron government’s Acadamisation plans but Education Secretary Justine Greening is going ahead with its  Post-16 Skills Plan [i] - legalities were formalised in The Technical and Further Education Bill on Oct 27th. The Plan commits itself to create 15 distinct ‘pathfinder’ routes into employment each with a single ‘college based’ Tech … Continue reading Welcome to the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education!