With Millennials voting, things can only get better?

While most people accept that data from recent general elections show young people unlikely to vote Tory. https://www.britishelectionstudy.com/bes-findings/age-and-voting-behaviour-at-the-2019-general-election/#.Y7KwWyjMJOg It has also been argued that political sympathies are likely to change with age. The popular press  continues to bang on about ‘generation gaps’, while pollsters have reported big shifts in allegiance amongst more elderly voters in … Continue reading With Millennials voting, things can only get better?

Will young people be voting on Thursday?

Traditional relationships between class and voting behaviour are not what they used to be. This week’s Euro-election will, it seems, only confirm this, with Labour desperately trying to unite ‘pro-Brexit’ traditional northern working-class supporters with  recent converts – the more affluent socially progressive but staunchly pro-European voters of London and the south. Despite the excessive … Continue reading Will young people be voting on Thursday?

No budget for the young

With young voters flocking to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in the last General Election  https://education-economy-society.com/2017/06/20/young-voters-flock-to-labour/ you’d think the Tories would have wanted to use this week’s budget as an opportunity to win back some lost ground.  But, as one disaster follows another, May and Hammond are just as desperate to shore up their existing support and so, … Continue reading No budget for the young

Young voters flock to Labour

Recently released data from the polling organisation YouGov shows the  extent of young people’s willingness to back Labour in the recent General Election, with the party enjoying over three times as much support from 18-24-year-old voters as the Conservatives - amongst 18 and 19 year olds, support was even stronger with 66% opting for Labour compared … Continue reading Young voters flock to Labour