The piper(s) may have gone, but the tune remains the same?

As another difficult academic year draws to a close, it goes without saying that Michael Gove’s departure will be greeted euphorically by teachers and campaigners, particularly those who have focussed almost entirely on the ex-Secretary of State’s combative style, abrasive manner and other personal inadequacies. He may continue play a key role ‘at the heart … Continue reading The piper(s) may have gone, but the tune remains the same?

Michael Gove’s Stratford Speech.

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley Attack is the best means of defence so Michael Gove earns top marks for coming out fighting in his speech at the London Academy of Excellence today. He has reinvented himself as the champion of social justice and opportunity to distract from his controversies with Ofsted! Gove has gone further … Continue reading Michael Gove’s Stratford Speech.

Ebacc subjects bedding in

 While the recent league tables for secondary schools show a reduction in ‘underperforming schools’ they also show significant increases in numbers taking Ebacc GCSEs. •72,000 more pupils took the EBacc than in 2012. In total, 202,000 pupils entered the EBacc (35% of the total), up from 130,000 (23%) in 2012 •in 735 schools, at least … Continue reading Ebacc subjects bedding in

The Curriculum Great Reversal

Kingston University Seminar (01.05.13) Martin Allen Michael Gove’s National Curriculum proposals have been out for consultation and have  received a fair share of attention.  While there has been particular controversy over proposals for history and English, this short paper provides an ‘overview’ –a more general critique of the underlying principles behind the Gove curriculum. To … Continue reading The Curriculum Great Reversal

(Not) going on a summer holiday?

Once again, Michael Gove is posing as the ‘moderniser’ .  He now wants to persuade us that we need to bring the length of  school  holidays in line with those in Asian Pacific economies like Singapore and Hong Kong. So as to 'raise standard. As argued in The Great Reversal,   Gove’s   attempt to cherry pick policies from … Continue reading (Not) going on a summer holiday?

Opposition to the Gove Curriculum grows

Debra Kidd's petition Defend School History Seminar Saturday 20th April Register DefendSchoolHistory-seminar-postcard Charter for Primary Education Launch Conference Saturday 15th June, 11am-4pm, Central London Register

National Curriculum: principles and practices

Martin Allen National Curriculum proposals in various subjects are now out for consultation.  While it is important that teachers, trade unions and subject associations respond to these, it’s also important to develop a more general critique of the underlying principles behind them. The new National Curriculum represents a reactionary step back –part of a more … Continue reading National Curriculum: principles and practices

Backtrack on the Ebacc but the Great Reversal goes on

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley Backtrack on the Ebacc but the Great Reversal goes on To general rejoicing, Michael Gove has been forced into a humiliating retreat in his plans to replace GCSEs by English Baccalaureate Certificates (EBCs) in core subjects. The damning report by the Parliamentary sub-committee allowed the Lib Dems to call time … Continue reading Backtrack on the Ebacc but the Great Reversal goes on

Tory Ideology is destroying education in England

Patrick Ainley  Guardian letter  08/01/2012To see the future development of "free schools" and academies (Free for all, Weekend, 5 January), look to the US charter schools.As Diane Ravitch, once George Bush's assistant secretary of education, wrote in her Death and Life of the Great American School System (Basic Books, 2010), "The regular state schools are … Continue reading Tory Ideology is destroying education in England

A reactionary, not a ‘moderniser’

Michael Gove and 'Reforming Key Stage 4 Qualifications' Despite his polished performance in the Commons – in the absence of any real Labour opposition – Michael Gove is not ‘modernising’ the qualification system at all.  Neither do his proposals have anything to do with improving ‘international competitiveness’. On the contrary, Gove is continuing the Tory … Continue reading A reactionary, not a ‘moderniser’