‘Building back better’: not much sign in education!

  Despite conflicting medical evidence and signs of a Covid ‘second spike’ - Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are desperate to send all children back to school this week. But except for photo opportunities, the Tories are not interested in schools or learning - education had been given little attention since Johnson became PM and … Continue reading ‘Building back better’: not much sign in education!

What price the Covid Generation?

Martin Allen & Patrick Ainley (presentation to Socialist Education Association 26/06/20) Download in Word format Losing out most from the financial crash of 2008 but already referred to as a ‘Lost Generation’ today’s youth, whether they are students or looking for employment will constitute a ‘Covid Generation’ and continue to suffer prolonged disadvantages. Yet the … Continue reading What price the Covid Generation?

Despite inequalities in ‘on-line’ and home learning – a different type of school is necessary.

Government  is trying to get schools open before the academic year ends. Many Tories have long wanted to open primary schools in particular, so parents can get back to work –so reducing further hits to the economy; but others including the Childrens Commissioner, the Head of Ofsted and some Labour front-benchers, are now increasingly concerned … Continue reading Despite inequalities in ‘on-line’ and home learning – a different type of school is necessary.

Is releasing younger workers the best route out of lockdown?

  With the economy grinding to a halt as the lock-down continues,  proposals about how  some younger workers might be freed from at least a  part of it, emerged last week. Researchers at Warwick University Business School  argue that young people between 20-30, not living with their parents should be released from lock-down.  'In comparison … Continue reading Is releasing younger workers the best route out of lockdown?

Guidelines on A-level assessment announced

We now know the basis on which this year's  A-level students will be accredited. According to the in-house journal Schools Week, exam boards will: “Ask teachers to submit their judgement about the grade that they believe the student would have received if exams had gone ahead” Teachers should consider evidence including performance on mock exams … Continue reading Guidelines on A-level assessment announced

Shut schools: cancel the exams

The Socialist Education Association (affiliated to the Labour Party) has issued a statement on the coronavirus crisis. https://socialisteducationalassociation.org/  The statement was issued before the Government’s most recent advice this Monday - so it’s possible the SEA will want to amend it. Halting classes, but also taking   additional measures like those  outlined in the statement would … Continue reading Shut schools: cancel the exams