Guardian letter 07/03/13

Putting two articles together

George Monbiot relates how ‘With threats and bribes our schools are forced to be “free”‘ (Tues 5 March), while you report in the same issue, ‘Schools budgets could face cuts as the coalition row over spending escalates’. So it is predictable that private investors could step in as ‘the saviours’ of state schooling when – not if – the schools budget is cut. Indeed, our new book ‘The Great Reversal’ reveals Gove proposing for inclusion in the Conservatives’ 2015 Manifesto that private firms be allowed to run state schools for a profit. He is supported in this by the Bright Blue pressure group within the Party of which Higher Education Minister, David Willetts, is a leading luminary since universities and colleges could go the same way when their funding runs out and some, eg. Central Lancashire, are already preparing to do so.

            Professor Patrick Ainley and Dr. Martin Allen, University of Greenwich


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