Education Beyond the Coalition : Teacher strike action can point the way



The book’s publication coincides with strike action called by the two main classroom teacher unions in opposition to Gove’s attacks on their members’ pay, conditions and pensions. This, at least potentially, represents the most serious opposition to Coalition education policies so far. As in the 1980s, the Tories know that ‘defeating the teachers’ is essential if their policies are to be successful. We hope that the teachers’ action will both provide the space but also create the urgency for some clear educational alternatives. In fact, this would seem to be essential if the teacher unions are going to be able to rely upon support from parents. For, as Clare Kelly notes in her chapter, ‘Michael Gove has positioned himself as a champion of the working class, constantly blaming inadequate teachers and bad schools for underachievement’…”

                                                                             (Introduction:  page 2)

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