Patrick Ainley – Contribution to Croydon Assembly

Patrick Ainley . Contribution to Croydon Assembly.  Education Workshop

……….. Both Gove and Willis – even though they reportedly hated each other – agreed that too many kids were in academic education, or rather, that too many of the wrong sort of kids had gone to the wrong sort of universities under Blair’s parentally popular policy of widening participation to higher education, and that academic education should only be for a selected few. Gove was deluded enough to believe that everyone could have an equal chance of being unequal through academic selection by schools providing ‘a grammar school education for all’ in Harold Wilson’s weasel words. This would, Gove thought, restart the limited upward social mobility via grammar schooling from the manual working class to the non-manual middle class that was expanding post-war with a developing economy and growing welfare state…….Read more

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