25 T-Levels coming your way!

  The government has just published another Action Plan (apparently this is the third!)  for T-levels, now buoyed by the enthusiasm of Secretary of State Gavin Williamson ‘a former FE student myself’ for vocational alternatives. Having much in common with Labour’s Specialist Diplomas, there are some important differences. Unlike the post-16 Ts, the Dips started … Continue reading 25 T-Levels coming your way!

‘Doing it better than the Germans’. Gavin Williamson and pies in the sky.

Over a third of German secondary school students go on to a vocational/technical programme.  Now, Gavin Williamson, the latest in what is getting to be a long line of Tory education ministers, has promised that UK young people will have even better opportunities than young Germans, by the end of the next decade. https://www.tes.com/news/gavin-williamsons-tory-conference-speech-full   … Continue reading ‘Doing it better than the Germans’. Gavin Williamson and pies in the sky.

Labour: the long and the short.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at this week’s TUC conference, reaffirms Labour’s commitment to changing the balance of power within the labour market. Alongside the repeal of anti-union laws, Corbyn promised to introduce sectional collective bargaining, something that still exists in many European countries despite the decline of traditional industries. There’ll be a ministry for employment rights … Continue reading Labour: the long and the short.

Education’s magic money tree?

After being told there's no 'magic money tree', suddenly there's lots of money around. After years of cutbacks, and even before the Chancellor announced his ‘Spending Review’, Boris Johnson has promised billions for education. While Labour politicians and the authoritative Institute of Fiscal Studies have been quick to point out Johnson’s £14 billion over three … Continue reading Education’s magic money tree?

Another year of A-level results

Another year of A-level results. Attention has focused on the slight dip in performance levels particularly for As and A*s grades. Yet this is due to a ’comparative outcomes’ approach to assessment, introduced by Michael Gove during  his ransacking of state education. Gove considered that examination boards where deliberately manipulating grade boundaries and causing ‘grade … Continue reading Another year of A-level results

Universities: 40% now get unconditional offers

Final analysis by UCAS shows that nearly 40% of 18 year olds now receive at least one 'unconditional' offer  (or an offer that would be unconditional if the applicant agrees to make the university their first choice ). While this continues to reflect growing marketisation and the desperate attempts of institutions to attract students - … Continue reading Universities: 40% now get unconditional offers

Apprenticeships and Gavin Williamson

While the total number of apprenticeships starts continues to level off, the rapid increase in  enrolments for Higher Level schemes appears to be bucking this trend.  According to latest government data, there were 60 000 new starts during the last nine months, well above the figure for the preceding twelve months, which at the time constituted … Continue reading Apprenticeships and Gavin Williamson