Of our elaborate plans, the end

Patrick Ainley and Martin Allen Society for Research into Higher Education (News)  http://sociologicalimagination.org The Coalition’s reaction to the Browne Review of student fees complements their slashing of 40% of higher education funding. Their new hard cap of £9,000 a year on fees leaves unfunded arts and humanities to be paid for only by those who … Continue reading Of our elaborate plans, the end

Wolf Review of Vocational Education

Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley Education minister    Michael Gove has commissioned Professor Alison Wolf to carry out a review of vocational education. As Wolf notes in her letter ‘calling for evidence’ the review is part of a new government   approach   to qualifications, but it won’t be examining the detailed content of vocational qualifications but on … Continue reading Wolf Review of Vocational Education

Youth unemployment rises again

There is no sign of any pick up in the labour market. Though unemployment , as measured by the broader Labour Force Survey method has fallen by 8000, this is much lower than City analysts had predicted and still leaves joblessness at 7.8%. More significantly, the quarterly figures from the Office for National Statistics  show the ‘Claimant Count’ … Continue reading Youth unemployment rises again

The real ‘lost generation’?

Martin Allen Labour market statistics, published by the Office for National Statistics, for January  to March 2010, continue to highlight the plight of young people and confirm many of the arguments in our book  Lost Generation? The latest figure show  unemployment levels, as measured by the Labour Force Survey method  rising again - sounding alarm bells … Continue reading The real ‘lost generation’?

Education is losing its legitimacy – time for staff and students to step in

  Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley   Education Guardian  13/04/10 Another "lost generation" will emerge this summer as many graduates, school and college leavers are added to the 900,000 16- to 24-year-olds out of work, despite the recession having supposedly ended. With demand for university courses again reaching record levels, including from those re-applying after being … Continue reading Education is losing its legitimacy – time for staff and students to step in