Labour and Industry

Jeremy Corbyn’s recent speech to engineering and manufacturing employers has ( as is generally the case!) been misrepresented. Launching Labour’s Build it in Britain, Corbyn has been accused of wanting to establish a ‘protectionist’ blanket around UK manufacturing and by implication being ‘pro-Brexit’ even though it’s questionable whether there’s anything in EU legislation that would … Continue reading Labour and Industry

‘Living within our means’

 ‘Living within our means’ has become a cliché of late.  George Osborne continues to espouse it as justification for austerity policies,  but Labour’s new shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s  apparent endorsement of George Osborne’s  ‘ Fiscal Charter’ which commits governments to achieve balanced budgets over a  5 year parliamentary cycle, may seem perplexing;  given his clear … Continue reading ‘Living within our means’